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To PAY for a residential occupancy permit inspection (single, two and multi-family residence only):
o Select the Submit Application button
o Select a user class
o Search and select the address
o Continue thru the steps completing the required fields until completion of the payment
o You will receive an email from our office with scheduling procedures

If you are a new Kirkwood resident needing to obtain your occupancy permit and set up Kirkwood utilities please contact the Building Commissioner's Office at 314-822-5823 or come into City Hall to complete the process.

Licensed contractors may apply and pay for residential water heater replacements, residential furnace and a/c replacements, and residential backflow preventer permits online. However, you MUST be logged in with an active Kirkwood license to complete the process. Please choose the Login option (at the top-right of the page) or Create New User option if you have not already created a profile.

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Permit is not valid until received and approved by the Building Commissioner's Office.

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